When you compete, you lose

I got my first piece of hate mail today that ended with
"PS: You Lose!!"

The rest of the email was an emotional rant...
digital hot air and wasted keystrokes.

"You lose" was referring to the settlement that I made with my ex-husband.

It struck me so hard because I was never competing with him for time, money or any sort of 'super parent' title.

This past year has been difficult. I had to make some hard decisions, but I can honestly look back with no regrets.

Every step I have taken and continue to take, is for what I believe is the safety and the best interests of my daughter.

When you compete, everyone loses because you all lose sight of the child's best interest. The 'win' becomes making the other party suffer, instead of helping your child thrive.

If your love and concern for your child is genuine, there is no need to compete for their affection.

Good Luck & Happy Parenting!

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