Women in the
Small Business Game

In the battle of the sexes, women have once again proved their courage. It may not be for the same reasons and may not be driven by the same passions, but women have begun to make significant presence in the small business game.

Here is the truth about how women stack up as entrepreneurs:

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Women play a very powerful role in society. In the household alone, women manage 83% of the income – either as the manager for the family or their own income. As the decision-makers for home purchase decisions, they are the ‘pot of gold’ at the end of an advertiser’s rainbow.

In the last decade, there has been a significant rise in the number of women who decide to start small businesses. So what drives women to become entrepreneurs?

Extra income is welcome and, in the case of most single moms, direly needed. The full time job can take care of the daily needs and expenses, but there are other things to prepare for – the 6-month emergency fund, child care cost, education and the other fun stuff like vacations, trips and special lessons.

Single moms want to give their child the best care and experiences as much as couples do. Part-time jobs sometimes transition into small businesses which they ultimately concentrate on. Women in this category generally start their businesses early in life.

Most businesses started by women are extensions of their passions. From professional services to out-of-the-box ideas, women have turned to entrepreneurship to reach life-long dreams. A significant number of women entrepreneurs go into business between the age of 40-60. These women are highly educated and have had successful careers behind them and want to achieve something more.

Not to be sexist, but women businesses owners are known to be better employers. They give better benefits, compensation and training while being more gender-balanced in selecting employees than male business owners.

If you are a single mom and want to earn extra money to supplement your full time job or are looking to start a small business, Single Parent Home will be launching an e-book soon. It will be your resource and guide to getting into the entrepreneurial game like I did!

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