So, how much do YOUR kids understand about popular songs?

Pretty catchy song... if you can deal with a little country twang!

Have you ever paid attention to the words?

We have all sung along to playful songs like this in the car with our kids...who listen and sing along, not fully understanding the meaning behind the lyrics.

A friend of mine was listening to this song with her daughter who is 10 years old. This little girl is into horseback riding... so she just thought it was a fun song about boots.

Then it hit her. She realized what the song was really talking about. She sighed and didn't think it was near as much fun... See her parents split up because of adultery.

As a mom, I'm happy to see that she still carried that innocence, but kind of sad to see a little bit of that go.

Next time you are listening to a catchy little song with your kids, listen to the lyrics. Really, listen to the lyrics.

You can't possibly shelter your children from everything... but maybe, this could be your opportunity to talk with your child. What do you think?

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