The stress is on...
Can you handle the heat?

Seriously, the stress has hit me lately.

Could it be dealing with a random shoulder injury for three weeks? The exhaustion from pain medicine? Or the inability to think straight?

Could it be seeing my friends get laid off? Or working in the construction industry? Or living in the 3rd worst place in the United States for job opportunities? (#1 is Fort Myers #3 is Naples)

Could it be having time for the really important things in life?

Could it be the extra commitments I have?

Ding... Ding... Ding...

I think we have narrowed it down to all of the above.

I would usually have a witty, upbeat turn here... but tonight I am finding myself short on positive words.

I am at that point of stress where you just laugh. You have to laugh, or you would cry.

Sometimes people see you as that pillar of strength. When their world spins desperately out of control, you are that one person who is unshaken, the calm, sensible one with the answer to every problem. The one that can juggle a hundred balls through any storm.

That is the facade that you put on... but inside you are afraid that they will see the truth... that you are just as human as them... just as fragile and prone to bruising.

Don't get me wrong. I did have a wonderful day with my daughter. But, now that she's in bed... I'm mentally going through my to-do list and my shoulder is throbbing (AGAIN!...LOL). That is when the stress kicks in.

I'll come out of it tomorrow... Right now, I'm ready for bed.

Here is to a brighter day tomorrow.

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