Single Parent Homes & Summer Childcare

Can you believe we are entering into August? As we wrap up the hot summer nights, many single parents are breathing a sigh of relief.

Summer childcare can be a difficult (and expensive!) decision for all households. However, single moms and dads face a unique situation. In addition to juggling the cost and scheduling of summer camps, they may have to coordinate vacations with the other parent... and special outings with the other parent's family.

With the best intentions of providing a fun summer and encouraging a good relationship with both of the child's parents... It can still be stressful. That is just the truth of it.

I am fortunate that my daughter is young enough she is in a year-round pre-school / day care through next summer. Every Thursday is 'water day' and they bring in additional activities as well as party days so it is more than just a holding pen.

One of my single friends enrolled her son and daughter in sports camp for the summer. While the camp is a lot of fun, it is an added expense that she doesn't normally pay during the year... and she is working harder to help pay the bill.

Another one of my friends sent her daughter for 2 - 3 week visits with her dad in another state. She found the shorter trips (instead of 1 - 6 week trip) made the vacation more fun and engaging for her daughter. Her daughter was less bored at home and at her dad's home.

When you've adjusted to a work schedule during the year, your timing also gets thrown off. Or perhaps that is just my high "D" personality!

Anyway, I would love to hear how you are celebrating the last few weeks of summer with your kids... or if you are buying champagne to celebrate the return of school! Email me your story and I might share it online.

If you are planning your vacation in the last few weeks of summer, you might want read some tips about planning your single parent vacations here.

Happy Parenting!

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