The stress of working from home

Think your life will be a breeze when you are working from home? Think again. I love working from home part-time, but it can be difficult.

You are always 'on' When you punch the clock at the office, you mentally check in and check out of work. When you work from home... you are always in your office.

You have a constant reminder of that last project that could be wrapped up if you just...

This nagging feeling can prevent you from spending valuable time with your family. You might be there physically, but mentally you are still working.

Working at home with a toddler is no day at the park You might want to work from home so that you can spend more time with your child. The catch is that you still have to work... Maybe not a full 8 hours in one chunk, but you have to have some quiet time to make phone calls or write.

Older kids can occupy themselves, but try explaining to a toddler that mommy needs to work right now... see how fun it is.

You can set up quiet times, but toddlers have such a short attention span that you really can't work in long chunks. Or, if you work while your child is asleep something else gives... like your sleep!

Your family and friends 'forget' that you are actually working You will get drop-ins or phone calls from friends and family that were just thinking about you. Since you are at your house, its ok to just drop by.

While it is nice to have a certain amount of freedom to have lunch with family or friends, you still have to get some work done. Otherwise, you aren't actually 'working from home'. You end up stressed out and playing catch up from these interruptions.

So, is it really worth it? Absolutely.

I work from home two days a week and I wouldn't trade it for the world. You just have to be prepared to utilize a couple of these strategies.

Establish work time and home time. Mentally cut the chord, so that you can dedicate time to your family and your job.

Understand your child's scheduling limits and work within them. You can't expect a toddler to play alone for 2 hours, so maybe you set some toys and some educational videos out.

If you are busy working, don't pick up the phone. Or, if you get the drop-in, politely tell your friends and family that you are working from home and they need to respect certain times.

Working from home be very rewarding as long as you go into it with realistic expectations.

Happy WAHM Parenting!

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