Single Parent Vacations – Up for a spontaneous trip around the world?

Even though summer is coming to an end, my single parent vacation time is important to me… and randomly pops into my head as a strong urge to pick up and go... I know. It doesn't sound like the 'Ms. Everything Starts with a Plan' attitude that I usually take, but we can all dream!

One of my biggest goals in life is to show my daughter that there is so much more to life beyond our little corner of Florida.

I want to travel the WORLD!

So my 4 year old might not appreciate it all just yet... But imagine the fun of getting (fake) tribal tattoos in Polynesia or hiking through the alps (in summer because I'm from Florida and I don't deal with snow!).

So, if you need a mental escape or a physical escape… you might want to start here:

If you are a new single parent, read up on some vacation planning tips that I have outlined. It addresses some of the legalities and notices you might need.

Read Tim Ferris' The 4-Hour Workweek. It isn't a scammy network marketing strategy... It is a true perspective shift on the important things in life. And, it gives you practical advice for escaping your desk.

If you are a certified teacher, think about teaching English abroad. In other countries, learning English is a part of the normal curriculum. If you are a certified teacher with a few years experience, you are eligible for some great positions in Europe or Southeast Asia. I've read that Japan often has the highest pay rates, but they also expect a Masters Degree or PhD to go with it.

Ride with the freight... We can't all afford to take a luxury cruise around the world. However, if you can invest the time... You can ride a freighter around the world for $15,000! A friend of mine took a freighter to the Philipines. He said it was the best vacation he'd ever taken with his family. They spent six weeks on a ship, visiting native islands and experiencing the real ‘local’... Not the commercialized version.

Back to reality...

I'm a single mom with a mortgage, and a parenting plan that allows me two weeks of vacation per year.

So, perhaps I can't book my vacation around the world tomorrow, but I can make it a part of my life plan!

Perhaps a series of short vacations to explore? Or perhaps we can get a six-week vacation on a freighter?

A single parent vacation doesn't have to be just 'Disney World. One way or another, I plan to give my daughter the world.

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