Travel tips for single parent vacations

Consider your method of travel.


Shayna Walker, Williamsburg Wedding Design recommends that you choose a flexible airline like SouthWest where non-kid-fans can choose seats away from your kids.


Plan on lots of potty breaks. Traveling at night can be a double edge sword - the kids may sleep, but when you have to take your potty break, you can't leave them in the car alone.


Carol Watkins, Central Trust and Investment, regularly travels on Amtrak. It is easier than fumbling through airport security and her son has the ability to move around more.

Feed the bottomless pit.

Pack lots of healthy snacks. You never know when you might get stuck in a traffic jam - on the road or on the runway. This will also save you money and indigestion down the road.

Remember, you can not pack water or juice for the plane ride...just formula or breast milk for the you might take a sippy cup or a sports bottle to fill up at water fountains along the way.

Distractions...LOTS of distractions.

Remember the planning and the interesting facts that your child was looking for before the trip? Start asking them questions...see if you can get them to talk...but the key to keeping them talking is that YOU have to shut up and listen.

Catch up on your best car games like I-spy, license plate bingo and 20 questions...Start a new tradition with your kids.

I'm not a huge fan of propping a kid in front of a TV...but god bless the portable DVD player! After a 14 hour drive with a 2-year old, you'll understand.

If your kids are a little older Ipods are great for music, movies and digital books. You can buy them used on ebay...For young ones, you can also download some free digital books from Maggie Tales.

Toys and travel are combined in this Neat-Oh toy...the ZipBin is portable activity center for your child's entertainment.

When all else fails - there are always Barf Bag Puppets...or some other silly distraction.

Money Saving Advice and Offers (a bonus for those of you that made it to the bottom of the page ;)

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