Single parent vacations and money saving advice and offers

Advice from other Single Parents
1) Plan you can scout out the best offers.

2) Pack some meals...It is easier on your wallet and your stomach to pack some healthy breakfast and lunch items. Splurge on a hot dinner.

3) Ask the local Chamber of Commerce for Free tours of factories, historical sites, and nature walks.

4) Many parents recommended pizza and a movie in the hotel room as an inexpensive way to unwind at the end of the day.

5) Most attractions will offer coupons on a travel website. Try doing a Google search for the location with the word coupons. You'll likely find $1-5 off per person entry coupons.

6) Ask the local Chamber of Commerce for local festivals and art shows that might be going on during your trip.

Special Discounts for Single Parent Home readers
1) Discount tickets for 2,000 venues across the country -

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3) Discount dining -

(More discounts to come!)

Happy Parenting!

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