Engage your child BEFORE your next single parent vacation

Remember when I said that Single Parents tend to start planning a vacation four months out...and it could give you extra time to bond with your kids?

After you select a location, talk to them about the types of activities that will be there. Perhaps you could take the time to look up some of these locations online with them. Telling them that you are going to the "Museum of Science and Industry" sounds pretty boring...but if they see how they can explore and play at the museum, they will get a lot more excited.

With more than one child, you can let each of them plan a day...but make sure to set some ground rules.
~ Each child gets to plan a day.
~ Everyone (including you) will "pleasantly" participate every day.
~ Every day will have some down time (or nap time for little ones) to collect yourselves.

Depending on your kids age, you can turn this into multiple lessons like -

Geography - Get a set of maps and ask them to map out a drivable route. Ask them to come up with three facts about each state that you will be traveling through.

History - Include one historical site on the itinerary...Forts are always cool and usually have interesting facts. Ask your children to look up the historical location so they can quiz you on the way.

Communication - Are you going to see a distant cousin? Maybe you can have your child start emailing their cousin to start planning a day together. I've heard about adults using facebook for reunions...but I'm a little un-easy about having kids post personal information online...If you don't understand facebook well enough to monitor it for safety, DON't do it.

Math - As your children are planning their day, give them a budget to work with. i.e. We have $250 to spend each day.
~ Admission to nature park - $40
~ Horseback riding in park - $100
~ Souvenir picture on horses in the park - $20
~ Lunch at stand in park - $40
~ Nap - $FREE
~ Swimming at hotel pool - $FREE
~ Dinner - $50
~ Teaching your children that money doesn't grow on trees...PRICELESS

Travel Tips (to keep them occupied on the way from here to there)

Money Saving Advice and Offers (a bonus for those of you that made it to the bottom of the page ;)

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