Single parent life...etc.

It's baby is fast asleep...and I'm stuck here with you. I do like you...but single parent life can get a little lonely.

Most of the time, I'm sitting here working. Sometimes, someone pops up on my instant messenger...and it's usually another single parent working late.

I do make an honest effort to get out on Tuesday and Thursday nights...I have a standing reservation with my parents that is helpful...But lately, my attempts to have a life have been thwarted by LIFE!

My daughter has brought home daycare germs and given me a runny nose, or I was up too late working and was too tired to work out...Or my babysitters had to work.

So what do you do?

Internet dating?
I have mixed feelings about internet dating. Some people rave about it...but the internet played a big role in my divorce, so I was a little gun-shy about posting a profile...sometimes it is still fun to window shop!

Social networking sites?
Hundreds of thousands of people have their own social networking page...My Space, Face Book, or Linked In are some of the most popular sites. Maybe you could start a family page to keep in touch with your kids? Or just have some fun together? Email me if you have a story about using social networking with your family. I'd love to hear about it!

Working late?
I work late to supplement my income...but some single parents that I know have their own businesses, so they are just trying to get ahead. We all need extra if you have some time to kill, maybe you could build your own site.

RingCentral Office - Complete Small Business Phone System

Got questions? or advice to share? I'd love to hear it...Email me about YOUR single parent life.

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