Life happens whether you are a single parent or not

As a single parent, you should know that life happens... nothing stops when you are having a bad day... or a bad week!

Can you find the light at the end of the tunnel?

On Thursday, I was sitting in the Naples Medical Center waiting to see the doctor and reflecting on my week.

My shoulder had been throbbing for a day and a half... It was the kind of pain that would bring any man to his knees. I know that women tend to have a better threshold for pain, with that whole childbirth thing :)

I drove myself to the urgent care center in a loaner truck because MY truck was in the shop getting the air conditioning fixed and my back-up car wouldn't start. Since I bought my truck, the car had given me nothing but trouble.

It was a little extra embarrassing because it was broken down in my office parking the parking spot next to the owner of the company.

Fast forward back to the medical center. I'm sitting in the waiting room, 45 minutes into my estimated 30 minute wait. My shoulder is throbbing to the point I can't think straight... The only thing that I here is the tick-tock of the seconds on an imaginary clock in my head... I'm not a very patient patient.

So, I'm sitting in the waiting room people watching. A woman slowly walked by, leaning on her walker, with her back contorted literally in the shape of a Z. I'm not sure how she got that way or how much pain she was in, but she walked with her head held high.

I hurt my shoulder doing martial arts... This injury might put me out of commission for a week or two, but thank god that I have the ability to work out and keep up with my daughter.

At that moment, I had a shift in thoughts. Instead of feeling embarrassed and angry about my broken cars, I started feeling grateful.


Because I work with some extraordinary people who all offered there support to help get my cars fixed. When my car wouldn't start, the owner of the company asked if I needed a ride. When I said yes, he tossed me the keys to his brand new truck without hesitation.

Another co-worker offered a battery charger to recharge my battery. Her boyfriend had my car hooked up and charging within an hour.

One of the guys in my office works on cars. I called him and asked him to take a look at my car and he offered to drive back to the office (living 40 minutes away) so that he could try and fix it that night.

At least three of the guys stopped by my office the next day to make sure that I had made it home ok the night before.

When I needed to shuffle my truck from one mechanic to another, I didn't have to beg for time off. I simply asked someone to ride with me and help me move the truck.

When I needed to get to the urgent care center, I had a vehicle to get there as well as insurance to pay for the visit and prescriptions.

So, why should I be grateful after such a rough week?

As a single parent, I am so lucky to have such great friends and co-workers who care about me.

I am so lucky to have the strength and health to participate in a sport that I love.

Sometimes, you take life for granted and feel so alone... especially, as a single parent doing it all on your own. It can take a series of 'rough' events to show you just how lucky you are.

Good luck and Happy Parenting!

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