Keep perspective during your single parent holiday season

This is my first single parent holiday season, so it is a little new and a little sad to spend Thanksgiving without my daughter.

But, truthfully, this is one of my busiest weeks during the year. So, it really is best for my daughter to be with her dad.

One of my mother's co-workers is a single mom, whose ex-husband lives in another state. She gets the kids over Thanksgiving, but he gets the 2 weeks over Christmas, Spring Break and most of summer.

My mother asked if she was upset about not getting to spend Christmas day with her kids. This woman put it all into perspective...she said...

"The first year, I was depressed and didn't know what to do with myself. However, I went shopping after Christmas and found my silver lining.

"See, since my kids are not around, I don't HAVE to have their gifts ready on Christmas Day. I shop during the after-Christmas sales. I'm able to get the best decorations and great presents for a fraction of the cost.

"We celebrate Christmas in January and my kids have a blast."

Talk about putting a positive (and frugal) spin on things!

Next time you think that you got the short end of the stick, ask yourself where is the silver lining?

Happy Parenting!

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