Single Parent Holiday Season - Part 4 - Tis the Season!

Fa la la la la la la!

I LOVE Christmas and I am looking forward to a fun day tomorrow...but the build up to your single parent holiday season can be stressful.

Tis the season for disaster and family drama! Here are a couple of lessons I picked up this year.

1) Crisis doesn't wait for a convenient time... otherwise it wouldn't be a crisis, right? But, there might be a silver lining.

God knows this has been a stressful year...It has been 10 months since I became a single parent. My mom and dad surprised me with a birthday dinner last Monday. It was sweet and totally unexpected (sometimes, I'm really dense).

Then my phone rang at 4:00am. Hearing the phone ring at that time of day is never good news. My dad was having chest pain and was on his way to the hospital.

He ended up having a minor heart attack, but it was totally treatable... What was the silver lining? Well, it was lucky that he got to the hospital before he 'coded'. Every time you wake up, that is a silver lining!

But, if this would have happened 2 weeks from now... it would have been a lot harder financially and he would have missed some time with my sister who is moving to Hawaii.

2) Plan some down time to rest.

I spoke to a friend of mine. She asked if I had plans for my birthday (today). I told her "Yes... I plan to take a bubble bath!"

I had a few offers to go out for drinks tonight. It would have been fun, but would have left me exhausted for Christmas Day. So, I decided to give myself the present of quiet time and sanity.

3) Your guests will have fun - no matter 'where' the chairs are set up... so don't stress about minor details.

Are you hosting a meal? It is so easy to panic about the details and make extra work for yourself...which just stresses you out.

Christmas is a fun time. Your friends and family are there to spend time with you...not your chairs. So, don't worry about the minor details. Enjoy the day!

4) Don't sample ALL the cookies at the office!

I managed to avoid the colds and flu that have passed through the office over the past couple of months. That changed when all of the junk-food started rolling into the office! One day, I was stressed and I just kept sampling the cookies... Virtually, the next day, I picked up a cold. Your mom was right, eat some veggies!

Life doesn't stop... for anything. So, if you can, try to laugh through whatever rolls your way.

Happy Parenting and Merry Christmas!

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