Single Parent Holiday Season - Part 3

Are you worried about surviving your first single parent holiday season alone?

I plan our company holiday party. This year as I was checking RSVP's, I realized there are only 2 of us going alone. It made me stop and think...

Oh yeah, this will be my first Christmas as a single parent... I wonder how I'm going to react.

Then I took a little trip down memory lane to last holiday season...
(join me - it is a fun ride ;)

Last Christmas I got -

1) No Christmas present or card from him.

2) No birthday present or card from him (Christmas Eve is my b-day).

3) He missed my company holiday party because he had a concussion from a MMA fight that he lost.

4) I got a call from some mystery girl asking for him, while he was at the MMA fight that he lost.

5) Literally 2 minutes after I left for my holiday party, while he was home with a concussion from the MMA fight that he lost... he called his ex-girlfriend.

6) On Christmas Day, he got a text from a different mystery girl... which sparked a fight that ruined the day.

7) There was a ton of drama around spending Christmas with his parents.

8) In January, we got a bill from the hospital for treatment for the MMA fight that he lost (he didn't fill out the forms for the promoter's insurance - so we are still getting bills from this fight).

9) In February, we finally got a check for $500. This was supposed to be his purse for showing up at the MMA fight that he lost...but the promoter went broke, so it bounced immediately.


Let me think...

Basically, I am already light-years ahead of where I was last year!

My counselor asked me how I would handle the holidays...I just laughed and told her the same story. Apparently, I'm "progressing" nicely!

Happy Parenting!

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