Cool stuff that made my single parent life easier in 2008

Ok, we all see those top 10 lists of gadgets that will make your life wonderful. As a single parent, I decided to come up with a list of things that REALLY make an impact on my life every day.

1) Family always comes first...

2) I work for a company that is family friendly... It's not just a sticker on the door, it is a philosophy that everyone lives and breathes.

3) Windmill Creek Academy is a top notch pre-school. They have really gone to great lengths to help me out throughout the year. They also have a cool music program...which has gotten my 2 year old singing and dancing...I love it!

4) Portable DVD players... Yikes, how did our parents travel without them! It also comes in handy when I just need an hour for something. I don't want to have a digital babysitter, but sometimes we all need a sanity break.

5) Gerber Graduates Fun Grips Spill-Proof Cups really are spill proof. Believe me; my daughter has tested them out over and over again.

6) Pamper's Baby Dry diapers are the best at keeping a toddler dry... which prevents diaper rash... which helps prevent a lot of crying... which saves my sanity. Thank you Pampers!

7) Ultra Dawn dish soap does more than clean dishes and get grease stains out of clothes. I got one of those bubble machines for my daughter, which she goes crazy for. I thought that I would be smart and get the cheap gallon of bubbles. Wrong. Cheap bubbles don't blow as many bubbles and they pop faster. Add a half a cup of Ultra Dawn and you get super bubbles that a 2 year old can blow.

8) Digital cameras like this Nikon Coolpix have gotten better, smaller and less expensive over the past few years. I love it when I send pictures to my grandmother. She thinks that I have a talent for always catching my daughter smiling... because she doesn't see all the pictures that I delete.

9) Waterproof mattress covers. I'll spare you the graphic details. If you have a toddler that is getting ready to potty train, you know what I mean.

10) Classic fairy tales like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast never go out of style. Watching them with my daughter keeps us both dreaming of happily ever after...Nothing beats the magic of a good fairy tale!
(After watching them at least 100 times this year, I could totally double for any princess!)

Watch for the next installment ... Cool health and beauty products to be thankful for!

Happy Parenting!

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