Do you want to learn something new about your toddler?

Try volunteering at your pre-school or daycare for just an hour.

Sometimes the best way to learn about someone is to listen and watch how they interact in 'their' environment. Our children are no different.

You can tell a lot about your toddler's day when you pick them up. Are they happy? Sad? Engaged?

Do they look forward to going to school in the morning? Are they happy to get dropped off?

But, what about their personalities?

I took the afternoon off and spent an hour & a half volunteering at my daughter's pre-school... what I learned was amazing.

My daughter ran to me and greeted me with a big hug. The rest of her class was sitting on the carpet ready for me to read to them.

As I sat on the floor, the books they wanted to read (a dozen total) were piled up next to me. The kids were in awe of having 'Bridget's mom' reading to them.

After about 15-20 minutes, the kids got restless. So, we decided to sing and dance. As we played, Bridget made sure that I gave each child a turn at what we were doing. And as her classmate was flying or singing, she encouraged them by saying "Good job singing... Good job flying... Good job Kira... Good job Alisa..."

She was sharing. She was encouraging each of the children to have a turn at whatever we did. When we switched activities, she helped bring the group together saying "Come on... Come one... Ok... Ok... Let's do this."

I asked her teacher if she was always like this. Apparently, Bridget regularly rallies the kids on the playground in a similar way all the time.

I was so impressed with her ability to share me and my attention with her classmates... but perhaps she was showing me off to her friends. She is a natural born leader. I'll do my best to make sure she stays that way.

If you have a chance to volunteer at your child's school, you won't regret it.

Happy Parenting!

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