Single Mothers Should Kick Butt!

As a single mother, life can revolve around work, kids, finances...

...We are ALWAYS multi-tasking. Well, MMA is the perfect blend of intense training and social networking for all single mothers. Here are the top 5 reasons why I think you should try mixed martial arts (MMA).

5. Because sometimes, you just need to hit something... and you can't afford bail money or the time off work.

4. You have really hot guys cheering you on for the next round.

3. When your teenager gets mouthy, you can threaten to take them to the woodshed AND mean it!

2. Richard Simmons never got you this worked up by sweating to the oldies.

1. Did I mention the hot guys?


MMA 101
MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. There is not a strict definition of what that is, except that it is a blend of stand up and ground fighting.

Yes, there are rules... Some people compare MMA to street fighting or bar brawls. It is a lot more technical than that. These guys train for a long time before they go into the ring. You have to stay 3 steps ahead of your opponent and be able to anticipate multiple attacks. If you train correctly, the moves become instinct. You have to have a clear head and a plan of attack, but your body just knows what to do.

In a MMA fight, both opponents start from a stand-up position. Boxing used to be the prevalent form of stand-up, but now it is kick boxing.

Tae Bo does not count as kick boxing - don't mention it in the dojo, or you will lose credibility points right away! Billy Blanks will give you a good workout, but it is not a true fighting form.

Most of what I see is Muay Thai kick boxing, which is the national sport of Thailand. You can punch or kick to the legs, body, or head. In strict kick boxing, you can throw an opponent to the ground - which will earn you points - but the fighters stay on their feet... unless they are flying through the air!

What can kick boxing do for a single mother?
It is the most intense cardio workout you will experience. Your butt and abs will trim down fast... and with all the guys you'll meet, you won't stay single for long!

Ground fighting
Ground fighting is referred to as grappling, ju-jitsu, or wrestling. Each of those is a specific art-form, but good MMA fighters will cross train.

Remember the wrestling that you saw in high-school? Well that is based on Greco-Roman Wrestling...but professionally, it is taken up a notch.

Ju-jitsu has several styles, but Gracie Ju-Jitsu is most least in my part of the country. Helio Gracie is the father of Gracie Ju-Jitsu, which is a Brazilian form. Helio's sons have fought professionally around the world, but Royce Gracie is probably the most recognizable name. Grappling with Royce Gracie is like trying to grapple with butter... He is always a dozen steps ahead of you. I had the pleasure of having dinner with him and a group of people and he is a really nice guy too.

What can Ju-Jitsu do for a single mother?
Ju-Jitsu is also a great workout, but it does get up close and personal. Some women get uncomfortable rolling around with guys on the mat... and it did take me a while to be ok with it. I can honestly say that in five years, I've never had a guy be disrespectful in any way... especially, after you can tap them out!

From a practical standpoint, ju-jitsu can be a great self-defense technique for you. In all likely hood, you are not going to stand toe-to-toe fighting a guy... Your fight is probably going to end up on the ground, where you might be facing a rape situation. Ju-jitsu will give you the techniques to get out of this potentially devastating attack.

Weapons training
Ok, you aren't going to see weapons training in MMA - but if you are training for self-defense, it is worth mentioning.

My specialty is Sayoc Kali, which is the Filipino national martial art. It is used in the streets as well as by the military. It is arguably one of the oldest known martial arts, with roots traceable back to the 1500's.

Kali is a blend of open hand, stick and knife fighting. Depending on your instructor, this may not be the most intense workout, but it is like human chess - only you are fighting for your life instead of taking the king.

What can Sayoc Kali do for a single mother?
If you are training for self-defense, this is the art form for you. It is the most complete form and can easily adjust to your skill and abilities.

Good luck in the ring and Happy Parenting!