A Look at Single Mothers: Part 1
Changing the stigma

Doing some research for another article, I came across this article: Single Mothers ‘Bad for Society’.

Single mothers live with the stigma of poverty. Unfortunately, it is a justified stigma. According to the US census bureau 27% of custodial single mothers live in poverty.

As single mothers, we can choose to accept this stigma or be challenged to rise above it. Like many single parents before me, I have worked hard to take control of my life and the success of my family… because failure just was not an option when it came to providing for my daughter.

Articles like Single Mothers ‘Bad for Society,’ irritate me because they reflect and perpetuate a sentiment instead of getting to the root cause of the issue to solve it. Through my personal experience and through contact with my readers, I believe the real issue is instilling self esteem and self respect.
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While many of us are not short on dreams, maybe even know how to get there... it is the belief in ourselves that we lack. I will be the first to admit that going through the failed marriage and divorce and all the drama in between left my self esteem in tatters.

We are seeing fathers shed the sensitivity stigma as do-it-all-dads become more involved in child rearing. We can also take this opportunity to help single mothers overcome that hurdle and reclaim their self-esteem, to push them to achieve independence and break the cycle of poverty bringing great rewards both for a child, a family, and the community.

The biggest critic of single mothers is society. But the biggest enemy to overcome is ourselves. If we accept this stigma, then society will continue to brand it. Our success starts with us and it is in our hands to change society's perception and belief that single mothers, single parents, single parent homes and children from these families can be successful.

Happy single parenting!

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