A single mom's guide to digital boundaries

Are you here? There? Or constantly somewhere in between?

I had a woman whom I respect ask me if I was able to turn 'it' off. 'It' being the digital umbilical chord that binds us to our personal, professional and now online networks.

Honestly, I'm not perfect. As a single mom, working from home part-time, there are days that I am glued to my computer... or stressed because I really need to get work done, but my daughter needs my help coloring.

However, for the most part... I think that I have found that happy medium. A balance where work time is work time and home time is home time. Since I took these four steps, I've found my stress levels have gone down and time with my daugher is much more rewarding.

How can you find the balance?

1) Understand the multi-tasking is not a productive way to work. You will just end up stressed out and feeling like you didn't give either your family or your job the time it deserved.

2) Set boundaries. It is great if you know when your work time is... and if you work from an office, then it is easily defined. But, if you work from home, like a lot of us do, you have to let your family know when work time is. If you don't respect your time needs, no one else will.

3) If your kids are at home, set up some quiet time activities for your work time. Hopefully, something more stimulating than a movie...but occasionally, you may need to buy an hour and a half of quiet time too.

4) This might be the hardest task to overcome... If you are busy and the phone rings... DON'T answer it.

I can't say turn the phone off because as a mom, there are certain calls that I always answer - primarily the pre-school in case of emergency. Most other people will send me an email, leave me a vmail, DM me on twitter or write on my wall in Face Book. There are ways to reach me for non-emergencies and I do answer them when I have time.

In this age, when you are getting a constant barrage of information via multi-media...It is so important for you to find your balance as a single mom. Your life and time with your children will be much more rewarding.

Good luck and Happy Parenting!

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