What can you learn
from a single-legged man?

Life sends us curve balls, no doubt about it. And we might consider being a single parent as one of those curve balls. Because of the difficulties and challenges that come from raising a child on your own, it can be quite overwhelming.

Well, I recently learned about Josh Sundquist, a motivational speaker and a Paralympian ski racer. Josh lost his leg to cancer when he was just a child. He has overcome great hurdles, the greatest of which is his amputated leg, living life with zest and passion.

So what can we learn from him?In his interview with Fear Less Magazine, he said a lot of things that I really related to as a single parent.

Dealing with Fear
As a single parent, one of my biggest fears has been the fear of providing for my daughter. Sundquist's answer to overcoming fear is preparation. Preparing for the future will give us the confidence to face it, knowing that we have done all we could do.

Sounds too simple, but when you really think about it you'll find that it's true and effective. If you are afraid of going into that coveted job interview, your fear will ebb if you truly prepare for that day: your clothes picked out, your resume properly edited and your thoughts collected to focus on one goal.

Relying on yourself and on others
Our families and our loved ones is the foundation on which our confidence is built. These relationships give us the strength to move forward and tackle difficulties. Knowing the right balance of taking strength and standing on your own makes any endeavor a success.

We are mostly a product of our families, so being a strong foundation for your child is as important as being able to learn from your parents and other important role models in your life.

Start somewhere
Just the thought of being a good parent, providing for your child, sending her to a good school, molding her into an independent and well-rounded person, helping her find her way towards adulthood and scraping enough money for savings and those rainy days... it can drown you and cover you with helplessness.

Too often we have asked, “How will I be able to do all of those things?” The key, according to Sundquist is to make all those goals and tasks manageable. Like cutting them all up into bit-sized pieces so you don't choke. But the most important step is to take that first step... Start.

Once you decide to take that road, step after step will lead to little success and little tasks done that will amount to the whole thing being done. Just start.

There are a lot of things that I learned from this larger than life single-legged man. Know your passion (that persistent need that nags in your stomach that will not go away unless you act on it) and make it your goal. You will find that waking up mornings will be much more pleasant because you are filled with purpose.

Log on, find a job and get to work.  Snagajob