Single and Thankful for 2008

I never thought that I would be single again, but I have so many reasons to be grateful for everything that happened in 2008.

I was originally going to draft my top 10 things to be thankful for. As I started drafting the list, it grew and grew and grew! So, I'll start with my top reasons to be thankful to be a single parent.

1) I am one smokin' hot young momma...that is reason enough to be thankful!

2) Getting to spend time alone with my daughter has built such an incredible bond.

3) Connected with old did I survive without you!

4) My daughter and I get to see my family more often.

5) I get every other weekend OFF...truly off. (I slept in until 10am for the first time in 3 years!)

6) It is nice to get noticed and appreciate for the incredible woman that I am.

7) There aren't any irritating surprises...everything that happens is something I did.

8) I have extra time to let my mommy blogger side out.

9) It is easier to spontaneously do fun things like trips to the park or for ice cream.

10) No one hassles me for my almond milk, wheat grass, vitamins, or beauty treatments.

The absolute best thing that happened in 2008 was my daughter's LAST visit to the cardiologist. When she was 8 weeks old, she was diagnosed with Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome - which is rapid heart beat that can lead to cardiac arrest.

We were so fortunate to find it on a well-baby check up. She happened to be having an episode while the doctor was examining her. We spent a year and a half juggling medicine and visits to a pediatric cardiologist. In 2008, she was given a clean bill of health!!!

I hope that you have something wonderful to be thankful for in 2008...and even better things to come in 2009.

Watch for tomorrow. I'll be blogging about cool kid stuff that I'm thankful for!

Happy New Year and Happy Parenting!

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