Single Parent Home Product Review: SafetyTat

Do your kids like temporary tattoos?

Try giving them the tattoo that could save their life - SafetyTat.

My daughter will be three in August. She usually stays close to me when we are out... but kids will be kids.

I saw an ad for SafetyTat and wanted to try it out. The owners of SafetyTat were gracious enough to send me a few samples to evaluate for this blog...AND they have offered a special deal for YOU. Details below.

Directly from SafetyTat

"When a lost child is too young or too upset to communicate a parent or guardian's phone number, this temporary tattoo does it for them. SafetyTat temporary tattoos cannot be readily removed, peeled or smeared, and are waterproof."

More from Me

These safety tattoos are for more than just a lost child.

Are you sending your kid to a week long summer camp this year? These short-term caregivers do their best to take care of your child...but what about that peanut allergy? Or medication? Or perhaps they are autistic?

SafetyTat can be a life-saving reminder to caregivers... and god-forbid - medical professionals that may have to care for your child in an emergency.

Visit SafetyTat and enter SingleParentHome06 to get 15% off of your order.

Using the SafetyTat

I'm a total kid when it comes to getting stuff in the mail. A padded white envelope with the SafetyTat logo arrived in my mail and I opened it before I even made it into the house :)

The package arrived - with the tattoos neatly packed in little plastic bags to protect them from moisture.

Not exactly being the patient kind... I put the tattoos on myself and my daughter that night. I wore both the original temporary tattoo and the quick stick write-ons.

The temporary tattoos are pre-printed with your phone number and go on easy. The colors are bright and the printing clear to read.

The quick stick write-ons are like a thin flexible sticker. You peel a protective layer off, write whatever directions you want, and peel the sticker off to apply to the skin.

There is plenty of room to write a phone number and a name. I wrote my phone number on the tattoo and tried to smear the ink right away. I was impressed at ZERO smudging. The tip on the marker could be smidge wider to write more clearly - but good penmanship would solve that.

30 minutes after application - my daughter also having a mind of her own - decided she didn't want to wear the tattoo any longer. So, I had to pull out the baby oil to remove the fresh tattoo. Now my daughter has super sensitive skin, but with the oil, the tattoo easily came off with some slight rubbing.

Both tattoos are effective and last quite well. I got three days out of the temporary tattoo and I took the quick stick write-on off on the 4th day.

Overall, I preferred the temporary tattoo.

I could feel the write-on sticker on my skin. It didn't irritate me, but I knew it was there... and I had to fidget with it. Could just be me... or could be like a lot of kids that pick at anything they feel.

I forgot that the temporary SafetyTat was on my arm. In fact, on the 4th day - just before I took it off - I was in a business meeting and someone thought that I had gotten a new tattoo. Oops...

So, just for my readers,
we have a special offer.

SafetyTat has offered me 3 free trial packages to give away to my readers. No strings attached... you don't even have to sign up for my newsletter.

Click here to email me the following information:

Your name
City, ST Zip
(USA only please)

Email Address
(don't worry, I won't give your email address away or spam you)

Phone number
(for printing on the tatoo - no calls)

Preference - Boy or Girl

Fun part
Tell me where you are going on vacation, or what kind of camp you are sending your kid to.

This is Cyndee's party here, so I will randomly select three winners and notify you by email. RT's are appreciated but not a requirement...I'm just doing this because they are a cool product.

Just can't wait?

Visit SafetyTat and enter SingleParentHome06 to get 15% off of your order of $15 or more.

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