Recession Proof Dating?
Single parents shouldn't settle for second best

Last week, I saw a piece on "Recession Proof Dating" on the news.

Apparently, even in down times, internet dating sites are growing. In times of crisis, people still seek out other people.

Thank goodness!

There is a difference between scaling it back a little... and being cheap. So, I figured I would chime in on what is acceptable recession proof dating for single parents.

Let's lay some of the ground rules. Recession proof dating is not an excuse for laziness... and guess what?

Money is NOT the most important thing. Most women are more into thoughtful gestures that show you are into us. If she is only into money - you might want to move on to someone who is more into YOU.

Ok, here are some tips from this single mom:

It is OK to share a plate at a nice restaraunt... NOT Applebee's. You can find some deals buying gift cards online, but be discreet about the discounts. Don't brag about the great deal you got. We want to feel special... like we are worth the extra effort.

Are you 'friends' with her on Facebook? Take a look into her hobbies and iterests. It is an easy way to find something thoughtful to do together... Maybe a trip to the doggie beach with her poochie?

You will get more brownie points for a thoughtful date than an expensive date. A picnic at the park is kind of nice... extra brownie points if YOU cooked some classy picnic food or at least cleverly repackaged goods from the grocery store.

During 'season' in Southwest Florida, there are a ton of events for every taste. Art shows, movies in the park, music festivals... Check around for something that is inexpensive, but an experience. These type of events are also great conversation starters - no more awkward silence at the dinner table. It also gives us a better sense of who you are.

A home cooked meal is impressive, but please don't be offened if I won't come to your house on the first couple of dates...and I probably won't let you pick me up either. As a single mom, I'm serious about safety.

Once you get through the door (my home door that is), it would be thoughtful and romantic to bring a dessert or a drink over after my daughter is in bed... It is inexpensive for you and shows an effort to work within my scheduling limitations. Win-Win for both of us.

Ok, are you catching the common theme here?

Little gestures, that don't have to be expensive, show women that you are thinking about us... which shows that you think we are special enough for a little extra effort... which will lead to a better date for both of us.

Good luck and Happy Single Parent Dating!

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