3 Reasons that I love Publix

My daughter and I were driving to the park today... She was happily playing in the back seat of the car with her 'car toys'.

Among those car toys are two semi-inflated balloons. They are in the car and semi-inflated because she prefers to leave them in the car, rather than bring them inside.

Anyway, as she was playing she said "Momma, I need new balloon."

I laughed as I realized that she had gotten three new balloons this past week. Two of those balloons were from Publix... the third one was an Elmo balloon that I paid $3.50 for.

Then the marketing genius of Publix hit me...

When we arrive at Publix, the only cart that my daughter will ride in is the one with the car attached. You know the one that bumps into everything because it drives like an RV? Well, that is the one we get started in. Inevitably, 30 seconds into the store, she wants to walk beside it instead of ride in it... oh well.

As we go in the store, there are balloons on clips around the registers... vice #2. We stop and pick out a balloon before we even hit the food aisles.

Then we actually make it into the store. Just about the time she loses interest in the balloon, we are near the bakery section... where they give out free cookies.

Guess I am a properly trained single parent!

Happy Parenting!

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