Positive Parenting and the message you send

To me, positive parenting is the only way to raise happy, productive children. Everyone has a bad day where they are caught up in... well... life.

However, even when we are laughing and joking around, we can be sending mixed messages to our kids.

For example, my daughter was on the phone with her father tonight. She was babbling on about her day - which are short bursts of words that you really have to pay attention to understand.

She told her dad, "Cinderella dress washer." So, I piped in and explained that it meant her favorite nightgown was in the washer.

Her dad chimed back with "Bad washer... that mean washer has your favorite nightie..." With a scowl on her face, my daughter repeated "Baaadddd Washer."

In all fairness, her dad was joking around and probably thought nothing of the comment. It was probably only clear to me because I was on the outside of the conversation looking in and I saw her reaction.

At 2 years old, she barely has a grasp on raw emotions - happy, mad, grumpy... And now she thinks she should be mad at the washer because her nightie is in it!

So, I guess the lesson for the day is to try and step outside of the conversation to see what your children are really picking up.

Happy Parenting!

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