Personal Branding
for Single Parents

It's time to get your act together. You have your eyes on that job that will boost your single parent home into financial stability. With only one shot at that dream job, arm yourself with a brand new Personal Brand. To successfully brand yourself, you must have a plan.

What is the goal?
Your ultimate goal is to be a better version of your professional and personal self. Take stock of where you are now in your professional and personal life and envision where you would like to be both short term and long term. It's your very own concrete strategic communications plan that will no doubt include a good future for your child. Keep that image in mind. That is your goal.

Know your strengths
A woman was laid off from her job, but she was confident that she could land another one, fast, because she was intelligent and had established a niche in her chosen field. However, the employer response to her applications was not as she expected. Prompted by a branding career coach, she conducted a quick survey on her friends, family and colleagues. She found that her own perception of her strengths was different from theirs. So it is important to know what you have to work with from both your and others' point of view. When you walk into that interview, you will present a cohesive, unified image of yourself and your skills.

Launch your Brand
Much like a product launching of Pepsi or Nike with all the advertising that happens, you need to get the information out there. As a single parent, you can balance a career and rearing a child and be successful at it. Build that resume to custom fit your new brand – focusing on your marketable strengths. Use your new personal brand to build a strong network – online via social media and in person to get where you want to be.

Building your successful personal brand can be challenging because it requires you to asses all aspects of your life, but the pay-offs will last a lifetime. With the right strategy, your employers will see you as a confident, competent career person who is ambitious enough to raise a child alone and who knows that it can be done.

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