Where do you turn for single parent resources?

It can feel like you are alone, but there are single parent resources available...Here are a few places to start looking.

My family has been amazing. We may have put the 'fun' in dis-functional, but the wagons circled fast when I was in need.

While you don't want to overburden your family, they are the perfect first stop. Need a babysitter or some groceries? Need some help around the house?

My parents want to HELP me out, but truthfully, they love any excuse to play with my daughter!

Professional Counseling
When you are so overloaded, you can't take anymore; find a counselor to talk to. As much as your mom or your cousin Betty would love to give you their two cents...be careful what advice you take.

Sometimes, you are just adding fuel to the fire. A counselor can give you unbiased opinions and sound solutions to your problems. Some even offer a sliding scale for payments, if you ask.

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Assistance Support Groups
It is so nice to hear someone that has been through what you have been through...even just to know that you are NOT crazy! And NOT alone!

Find the support groups here. Read the blogs. Understand the problem - addiction, grief, whatever...Then take a step back and evaluate.

It is easy to be dragged down into other people’s problems and get stuck in 'recovery-ism'. Stay with the group as long as it is helping you move forward...and be cautious when you lose momentum.

God - In whatever form you choose
I've always been a fan of spirituality...not so much religion. However, I have been amazed at how much some churches reach out to single parents.

The First Baptist Church of Naples has a Single Parent Ministry where you can - - set an appointment to have the oil changed in your car for free. - have a handyman come over to repair your house - repair not remodel...but that is huge! - join a class for divorce recovery and meet people just like you.

If you belong to a church, ask for help. Even if you don't, most churches will try to help in some form...

You should run away from any church that blindly turns you away...they obviously are not in the right frame of mind.

Catholic Charities and the Baptist Churches seem to have the most visible programs, but ask around. You'll find something that is suitable for your situation.

Non-Profit Organizations
I live in Naples, Florida...This area is unique because we have about 500 non-profit organizations in town. During season, there are multiple events every night of the week. These events raise thousands of dollars for education, women's abuse, stray animals, etc. A couple of groups that have really impressed me are...

Naples Alliance for Children - This organization prints the most comprehensive parent resources manual I've found. With this book, I was able to find assistance with childcare in 2-weeks...when most of our local daycares have a 6 month - 2 year waiting list.

Youth Haven - Youth Haven is the only emergency shelter for children in Naples. However, they are so much more than a shelter. They offer multiple prevention programs to build healthier families, including the Natural Helper Program. Volunteers will come into your home, perform an assessment and provide customized care. They will teach parents the basics of nutrition, child-proofing and parent support - whatever you need.

Happy Parenting!

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