My Pretty Princess Diaries

My daughter is officially there... The pretty princess phase!

It caught me off guard, because I have never been one to dress her up and play the princess part...I was initially off guard, but I think it is a lot of fun.

We now have our:
1. pretty princess crown
2. pretty princess dress-up cloths
3. pretty princess lipstick (chapstick)
4. pretty princess jewelry
5. We had a pretty princess wand, but it got I'm going to have to find another one

She loves to wear her fancy dresses a lot now... To school, to the fair, and even to bed. They have gotten paint & chocolate galore on them, but she is so happy it doesn't matter.

She also loves Disney princesses. Cinderella and Beauty & the Beast have been her favorites... at least until Tinker Bell the movie came out and trumped them both.

Generally speaking, these princess movies have a "believe in your dreams" and "find true love" theme to them, which is great. I always want to encourage my daughter to dream big and find love.

Every once in a while, something in the movies chafe my empowered woman side. For instance, in Tinker Bell, she was encouraged to develop her natural talent (tinkering) and to be proud of what she could do...

Having been a trail blazer, someone who regularly bucked the system growing up... I don't want my daughter to feel like she HAS to do something because that is what she good at.

I know... I know... I'm digging a little deep here, but follow me again.

Here are some of the dilemmas that princesses face:

Princess Arial (the little mermaid) is not happy being a mermaid. She ends up trading her tail in for legs... She has to change her body drastically to be happy... plastic surgery anyone?

Princess Cinderella dreams of a life of love and happiness... Her happily ever after involves a man rescuing her instead of getting out herself.

Princess Belle is probably the one that is most true to herself. She ends up staying with the Beast through a brave and selfless act. She stands up to him when he is mean. And she makes the best of a bad situation by getting to know the Beast and becoming friends. She never changes WHO she is to get to happily ever after.

It may sound a little neurotic, but for as much time as our daughters spend with their princesses... it is worth thinking about the implications... or, if you are ok with it.

Happy Parenting!

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