Caffeinated Moms - More advice for moms alone

Yikes - For single mothers, time is tight, but this mom is going crazy!

"I can definitely say without a doubt that I am addicted to caffeine," said Sarah Kripal, mother of two from Lincoln, Nebraska. "I need about four energy drinks, three cups of coffee and a six-pack of soda every day."

A recent article on CNN talks about moms using caffeine to keep up with a crammed life. The scary part is that cardiologist Dr. Allen Dollar says not to worry...there aren't long-term side effects!

Now, I tend to prefer holistic medicine...I've had better overall health with my holistic doctor's advice than with any other individual doctor.

When I was over exhausted and supplemented with caffeine on a regular basis, he explained that it could have a negative effect on my adrenal system. Your adrenal system is there to help you in emergencies. By regularly supplementing with caffeine, you are keeping your body in a constant state of alert - which is very taxing on your body. And once that high crashes, you end up reaching for your next fix...which starts the cycle of caffeine addiction.

Let's step back and take a look at what else is in your 'caffeine' supplement...Chances are the commercial coffee is packed with extra calories from cream and sugar...NOT GOOD.

Read the ingredient list on your favorite energy drink...It sounds more like a science experiment than something you put in your body...NOT GOOD.

Caffeine, Sugar and artificial ingredients have been linked to: ~Migraines
~Increased cramping and pain during
~Increased mood swings before your period
~Heart palpitations
~Gastrointestinal disorders & Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I enjoy a Starbuck's frapucino every once in a while, just as much as the next mom...but everything in moderation. If you HAVE to have it, you know there is a problem.

For yourself and for your kids, it is much more sensible to take a healthy approach to your energy crisis. Start by working on a healthy diet and exercise. Use green tea to help wean yourself off the coffee...and for the times you need a little boost, reach for a healthy energy drink.

Happy Parenting!

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