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Melinda Thomas and Michael Fabozzi - A chance encounter ends in love

Still searching for your diamond in the ruff?

Melinda Thomas found her diamond... who was literally in the scruff when they met.

Two individuals, Melinda Thomas and Michael Fabozzi, found love in the most random encounter.

Are they the rule? Or the exception to the rule?

Melinda made a commitment to accept all social invitations because she wasn't going to meet someone sitting on her couch...

Lesson 1 - To meet people, you have to get out...

Melinda 'impulsively' put out an invitation to this scruffy man to join her in looking at art.

Lesson 2 - Sometimes you have to put yourself on the line...

Lesson 3 - Follow your instincts! Life comes at you and you have to make split decisions sometimes... go with your instincts!

Ms. Thomas searched the internet for Mr. Fabozzi's story.

Lesson 4 - There are still a bunch of creepos out there. You can find a lot out by googling someone's name.

Regarding Mr. Fabozzi's story, "...while a New Yorker’s anecdote began, 'Once he and I cut off a guy’s leg to save his life.'"

Lesson 5 - Everyone has something interesting to tell, if you take the time to listen.

On May 2, the couple married.

Lesson 6 - Don't give up on love.

Happy Parenting!

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