Kids and boundaries

Perhaps I am more old fashioned that I thought. It is so frustrating to see kids with little respect or understanding of what is appropriate. As single parents, it is our responsibility to set boundaries and show our kids what is right.

My daughter and I stopped at the park today. As we walked in to set our juice on a table, a little 6 year old boy ran up. He was standing right behind my daughter and took her hand. It startled her. At first I attributed it to a friendly kid, but my perspective changed a little as I watched him.

He stood in front of us and didn't let us go on the slide. He ran up and approached other kids the same way. Everything we were doing, he butted in and told us what we should be playing. His tone of voice and actions suggested that he wasn't quite there... Perhaps a slight learning disability, ADD, or autism?

I did my best to be sensitive until I saw him grab another little girl by the arm and try to pull her away from what she was doing. I stepped in and told him to let her go.

So, where was dad while all this was going on?

He was sitting down talking on a cell phone. He piped up occasionally to tell his son to stop, but was pretty detached from the situation.

So, perhaps there was nothing wrong with the little boy... maybe he was just starved for attention?

I do believe that it takes a village to raise a child. If you see something that is wrong, you should say something. However, it is so frustrating when you can't enjoy yourself because someone else's kid hasn't been taught the most basic of personal boundaries.

And, I will say kids should be kids... I would never expect a six year old to act like an adult, but there are some lessons that should be fundamental like - don't grab strangers or say please and thank you.

So, what is the most important lesson that you are teaching your child?

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