Keeping Up with Your Teen

So what are they about?
Teens today have within their reach loads of gadgets and methods of getting information and communication. Mobile phones make communicating their thoughts and feelings into a split-second phenomena. It is interesting to note that despite the ease with which social media sends information, 33% of all teens prefer to communicate face to face. Does this indicate a deeper of their psyche? Although emails are virtually forgotten, they have a different reason for social media usage. The internet is used mainly as a medium to share their thoughts, artworks or any creative outlets.


Communication is Key
Not surprising that your teens will be able to type 100 words per minute, outdoing the most proficient secretary. It's time that you learn how to keep up. Here are some tips on how to develop your texting skills to keep up with your teen.

Familiarize yourself with your keypad. Whether you have the numeric or querty keypad, you need to master the art of the no-look typing. It's key to multi-tasking. Once you've got this down, your fingers will seem to have a direct line to your subconscious and you will soon be typing out those words without really thinking about the letters.

Use predictive text. Using the predictive text shortens the actual key-in time. Go to your message settings and choose “predictive” under the “input method” or the “default edit mode.” Just make sure that you check the words that the predictive words suggest. So you don't send out the wrong message.

Learn the texting language. In case you don't already know, texting is a whole 'nuther world involving shortcuts that may seem like acronyms. If you master this, your teen will think you're the coolest parent, as long as you don't use the language in front of his/her friends. Here are a few words to get you going:

    love/heart: <3
    see you later: c u l8r
    take care: tc
    what's up: sup

Understanding their interests will give you a better perspective on how to deal with your teens. Know what is going on in their lives, even the virtual ones. They have ever changing fads that may sometimes be detrimental to them, especially the internet. Know the risks and set up ground rules. They will need a firm but loving hand to guide them through these years.

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