Online dating success is up to you

Have you tried online dating with dismal response?

It's not just them... It may be you.

Your profile is a sales pitch to potential dates. How much time did you put into the description? the photos?

If you were looking at your profile, would you want to go out with you?

Dale Koppel authored the must-read, guide book to writing a killer online dating profile that gets you noticed and maybe even happily ever after.

The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Online Dating is obviously written from a woman's perspective...but the basis of the book applies to everyone trying to date online. If you are a single dad that is secure in your manhood, I would encourage you to read it.

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Koppel gives a funny and detailed description of her experience with after about a failed marriage...correction, an ended marriage. Ms. Koppel and I agree that no marriage is a failed marriage; it is exactly what you need at the time.

The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Online Dating is an entertaining read with real life lessons that you can take away. On one side, Ms. Koppel, tells her story. Then, on the flip side, she breaks it down into a step-by-step guide for creating your profile, taking your pictures, searching for dates and contacting your potential dates. You are getting two books for the price of one.

Even if you never post a profile online, The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Online Dating is a worthwhile read. After a relationship ends, it can take a while to pick up the pieces... to decide what you really want out of life and your next partner.

Dale Koppel's story is about a life changing transformation where she discovers herself... her real self.

The demands of single parent life can take a toll. It is easy to forget what real love is and settle for 'any' social encounter that comes your way, losing yourself even further. If nothing else, I hope Ms. Koppel's story reminds you to go after what you really want in a partner.

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