He's Just Not That Into You

This movie starts off as a bit of a painful reality check that he's just not that into you... but quickly warms up.

From the playful & romantic Gigi (Gennifer Goodwin) to the sultry Anna (scarlett Johannson), it is easy to relate to all of the leading ladies as they go through their own life lessons.

This movie is based on Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo's best selling self-help book He's Just Not That Into You. It was filled with those real moments that we all go through. Nervously waiting by the phone ... anticipating the call... planning the accidental meet up... the husband that inexplicably ignores your phone calls... the self-doubt... hoping to be THE exception to the rule... the hopelessly romantic dream of fairy tale ending...

Occasionally, the theater was filled with laughter tainted by bitter residue... as the blatant lies and awkward moments struck a little too close to home.

Despite the touchy moments, the overall movie stayed up-beat. True love won out. *sigh*

I was shocked at the number of couples that came to see this show. Perhaps the men wanted a glimpse into their woman's heart... perhaps they just wanted to earn some brownie points.

I would not recommend this as a 'couple show' as it might stir some long forgotten emotional wounds. And, as your guy is laughing at some of the silly things we do... it just won't help.

So, make a date with your best girls for dinner and martinis. Then go see He's Just Not That Into You for a good laugh at some of the dumb things we do.

Have a great time with your girls!

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