Single but not Alone – Getting Back on Your Feet

After that last legal document declaring you divorced has been signed and sealed, panic might sink in. It's official. You are now a single parent, with a child to raise. Your work might feel like a dinghy facing a 20-foot wave in a raging rain. But so many have faced it and many have survived it. You can too. The first practical question would be: How will I make ends meet?

You are divorced, not disabled. You still have the same skills you had when you were married. Only now, all those balls you have been juggling before are spinning a lot faster and you cannot afford to let one of them fall. If the kids are in school, then a regular job is in the books for you. But if you still have a pre-schooler, then you will need more time to spend with them. This may be the best time to assess your skill set and identify your professional and personal value.

There are plenty of ways for single parents to make some extra money. Since there is now a great demand for your time, you might prefer to start your own business. Here are some suggestions for single parents who are thinking of embarking on their own business.

Professional Organizer
The job description ranges from organizing a cluttered closet to designing office spaces. It is easy to make your own portfolio when you start with the homes of your friends and family.

Licensed Day Care Center
It's like taking care of your kids and their friends! This is hitting two birds with one stone. Just make sure you complete all the legal requirements and documents before you operate a day care center.

Whether as an image, financial, business or any other area that needs consultation, you can do this on your own time in your own home. You can utilize your innate strengths and expertise and turn it into a financial plus.

On-line Jobs
This is the age of the computer and almost all business are in the net. You can take your pick from online tutoring, writing, designing, transcribing or administrative support. There are a lot of opportunities for online jobs that compensate well. If you are looking for an hourly job, search over 100,000 part-time and full-time hourly positions on

In-Home Personal Chef
If you love to cook or prepare meals, then this will be easy as pie. Busy professionals do not have time to cook for themselves, and therein lies your market. You can specialize from health meals to Japanese or Mediterranean cuisine.

Whatever business you decide to start, know that with a little patience, a lot of perseverance and knowing your strengths, you will be able to provide for yourself and for your child. Being financially stable as a single parent is possible. Go do it.

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