Let's talk about the real effects of single parent families

Statistically speaking, I don't believe the effects of single parent families can be easily quantified. There are simply too many factors that lead to single parent homes... and factors that effect a child's development.

Single parent children may be a product of: Divorce
Never married
Military service

As a child of divorce and a divorced mother, I can confidently say that you (or your children) are not doomed. With strong role models and an internal drive... I learned valuable lessons from both my parents divorce and my own divorce.

The effects of single parent families really depend on the example that you set for your children. Some of the lessons that I have learned:

My mom worked two jobs for as long as I can remember. Quite a few times, that left me at home to take care of myself.

Not to say that I kept my room clean and had dinner waiting for my mom... but I learned that there isn't always someone to pick up after you when you screw something up.

Good things happen... bad things happen... plans change... but life goes on. A crisis may knock you down, but you can't let it hold you down.

Often people are crippled by depression from disease, job loss or death. Successful people will adjust and keep moving forward - even if it means seeking counseling or professional help to get through a difficult time.

Respect for Myself
You have to respect yourself before you can expect other people to respect you. When you are stuck in a disrespectful relationship, it can be difficult to lay down the ultimatum to say this much - no more. However, in the long run you will be so much better off.

What True Love Is
How can you know what true love is, until you learn what it isn't?

True love should make you feel good about yourself... To challenge you to be a better person each day... Should leave you excited about coming home to see your spouse.

All things considered, good and bad I think I've turned out pretty well.

~ I have a great relationship with my daughter.
~ I am on good terms with my family.
~ I own my house, my car and pay my bills on time.
~ I have good career.
~ I am active in trade and civic associations.

Stuff that most parents would be proud of.

If you are a positive role model, the effects of your single parent home will be responsible, adaptable, successful young adults.

Happy Parenting!

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