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I started building in 2008 during my own divorce. While I had hoped to make some money on the project, the main reason was to help me make sense of my life that was unraveling.

Sometimes it is hard for people to sort through the ups, downs, fears and pressures of this new life. I was determined to do more than ‘survive’ … I was determined to make our lives better. It is funny, that the way I made my life better was to try and help others make their lives better.

Just when I think that I no longer need, or that perhaps my website is just a tiny blip on the internet that no one gives a darn about… I get an email from a parent that is going through the worst of the storm… someone who found hope in my blog… someone who just needed to know that they weren’t alone.

Many single parents – mostly single moms – find themselves in financial distress. My hope is to continue building this website as a resource ‘during the storm’ as well as providing an additional step up to single parent entrepreneurs. My hope is to be able to offer grant funding and real tools for single parents to start their own business and take control of their future.

If you have a soft spot in your heart for single parents and their children, I invite you to join in this vision of turning single parents into successful entrepreneurs. Please email me directly to discuss this opportunity.

If you would rather make a one-time donation to help offset the $1,500 it takes to maintain this website so that it remains a free resource for positive single parenting, click here to donate through PayPal.

I hope you enjoyed your time at!

Thank you,

Cyndee Woolley

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