Children and Art

I had one of those really great moments with my daughter.

She is in a class and has fallen in love with glitter paint... So we spent HOURS drawing with glitter paint. My walls are now covered with 'sparkles.'

We've all heard that children express themselves better through art. But, really how expressive would a toddler be?

Much more than you may think!

I've tried a few other mediums... painting, dance, music. We have fun doing them, but I've never really picked up messages from this art.

Then we tried the glitter paint. She worked on her drawing and I started mine. I asked questions like:

So, what should mommy draw?
What else should go in this picture?
Is Bridget happy in this picture?
Which is your favorite picture?

As we drew, I picked up little details about her favorite characters from princess Cinderella to Dora. We talked about school, the house, Mimi, and grandpa.

I'm certainly not trained in getting kids to express themselves through art. All I did was ask questions and show an interest in what she was doing.

Later that night, I tucked Bridget into bed. She hugged me and told me that she had fun with me that day... it still makes my heart melt!

Happy Parenting!

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