Turn your Photo into a Free Canvas with Canvas People!

Do you have a favorite photo that you’d like to showcase in a unique way? Turn your photo into a work of art with a gift certificate for a free photo canvas from Canvas People!

Valued at $55, this gift certificate entitles Single Parent Home visitors to one free 8x10 canvas – all you have to pay are the applicable shipping and handling fees. To redeem this offer, simply do the following:

1. Visit www.canvaspeople.com
2. Upload your favorite photo
3. Select your canvas size (8x10 is included in the free offer)
4. Click “Add to Cart”
5. Fill out required information & pay shipping/handling
6. Receive your free canvas!

Do you have more than one photo you’d like to turn into a lasting memory? Any additional canvases that are purchased when ordering your complimentary canvas will receive an additional 50% off!

Don’t have the perfect photo? Don’t worry! Below are some helpful tips for capturing stunning digital photos:

Pictures of People

• Focus on faces, and not whole bodies
• Use the rule of thirds (the imaginary division of a photo, horizontally and vertically, into nine equal parts to create points of interest along those lines)
• Remember: Eyes and mouths show the most emotion


• The sun should always be behind you, so light will shine on a subject
• Use a shadowed background and utilize your camera’s ‘fill-flash’ (sometimes called ‘daylight flash’) to add light and fill shadows
• Avoid bright light or extreme darkness

Cool Extras

• Look for the ‘Automatic’ mode on your camera to easily capture great photos with the push of a button
• Try out your camera’s ‘Sports/Action’ mode to utilize faster shutter speeds for sharper pictures, and to capture split-second memories
• Utilize the ‘Landscape’ mode to focus on beautiful, sprawling scenes to capture all the details

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