One single parent looking ahead to brighter days

It is official, I am moving on as a single parent... Guess I'm going to have to update a few more pages on my website!

My last posting was the final count down to my divorce judgment, and that was a week ago. Fortunately, the time was not spent in crisis mode as some people predicted.

Going to the courthouse made me a little nervous...because I felt like I was going to the principles office. But, then on my way I had to laugh. As I listened to the radio, every song I heard was a 'moving on' song. I found myself listened to lyrics about how every day gets better or I'm much better without you or he needs to respect you.

It is funny how the universe sends you signals... Life as a single parent can be a lot better than where you came from.

Fast forward to the final judgment. Basically, you and your lawyer re-affirm that you want a divorce in front of a judge. You are on the record saying whatever agreement you came up with is a 'fair' settlement.

Then the judge pronounces you divorced... "Poof" you get a sheet of paper saying it is over.

The hard part is getting to that agreement i.e. the 7.5 hours of mediation that I went through.

Perhaps my view is skewed. Our divorce wasn't finalized until 13 months after we separated, so maybe I've had more time to grieve. Or, perhaps, my driver personality is already moving on to better days.

Either way, it is a relief.

Happy Parenting... Brighter Days for us all!

PS: My week was peppered with several good looking single dads, so I am happily looking for what is around the corner ;)

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