A pound of flesh - the battle over the Batista Kidney

In this video, Richard Batista pleads his case for the return of a kidney.

Really... ?

No... Really... ?

Backtrack a little bit to where this started. Apparently, the couple's marriage was on the rocks to begin with. Dawnell Batista was plagued with kidney problems since childhood.

Her kidney finally gave out, so the husband offers to give her his. In some of the footage that is floating out there, Richard Batista describes that he hoped the gesture would save his marriage.

Gimmicks, crisis, having another baby, even donating a kidney is NOT going to 'save' a marriage. It takes two individuals that are willing to work together to make a happy home.

Dawnell Batista said that her husband was obsessed with the idea that she was cheating on him. She claims that she never cheated on him after the transplant.

There are always three sides to any story. His side, her side and the truth. It is possible that she cheated...It is also possible that his obsession with cheating was fueled by some sort of guilt.

Will we ever know the truth?

Probably not. So, it doesn't make sense to speculate.

Dr. Batista describes being humiliated, betrayed, disrespected, saying the pain of the divorce is unbearable.

Divorce can be incredibly painful. However, lashing out at your former spouse won't fill the void. It will only drive a wedge further between you, hurt your children and leave you feeling empty and angry.

Generally, the person who decides to leave a relationship has an easier time coping with the divorce. They leave the relationship with a plan... a resolution that their new life will be better than the life they left behind.

So, if your divorce gets this messy...how do you turn it around?

1. Get yourself and your kids into counseling. A professional counselor is going to help you cope with problems that your sister or your hairdresser has no understanding of.

2. Accept who your former spouse was, is and will be. If they were a jerk during your marriage, getting a divorce isn't going to change that fact. If he/she was always late (or obsessive), they will probably continue that behavior.

3. Invest in yourself. True happiness doesn't come from a partner. You have to be genuinely happy with yourself before you can be happy with anyone else. Pick up a new hobby... treat yourself to a massage... a bottle of wine... or a book club... whatever makes you happy.

To the Batista family, I hope that you find peace somewhere in this process!

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