Making ends meet...advice on saving money and financial planning

Kids are so expensive! That is why I'm going to dedicate this page to advice on saving money and planning for your future.

If you just separated, the financial shock can feel like...well...have you ever seen Wiley Coyote try to lift a grand piano?

You know the part where the grand piano drops ten stories an lands on your head?

Oh yeah...after the piano, there is always a brick that follows...

That would be your attorney bill coming in. Just when you thought you'd recovered!

Fortunately, after the shock wears off, you manage to re-allocate the funds. But, you still have to be conscious about the luxury items.

Ok, if you've read any of my other pages you know what I'm going to say next...Saving money starts with a PLAN!

So, where do you turn for your plan? After I got separated, everyone and their brother recommended some sort of financial planning book or system or non-sense trick to pay of bills.

Books and systems are great, but they don't always address your specific needs. And, you have to have the time to sit down, read the book, analyze your finances, and put the plan in to action...No sweat...I'll get to that one tomorrow!

Before you get mixed up in some scheme, read this article written by my friend Brian Simon. Brian explains the top three things you should start to think about for your financial plan.

Once you have your basics down, you can dig into more systems...or just call Brian to set you up with a professional plan.

You can also take the cost cutting approach. It is always smart to watch what you are spending. Here are some of the places that I learned to save money.

But, if you really want to get ahead, you really have to start some sort of side business. It doesn't matter, if it is online or offline... it just has to be something that fits into your schedule and actually makes money.

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Good Luck & Happy Parenting!

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