A single parent's night at the fair

There is nothing like the fair for a break from the every day stress of a single parent's life.

I asked my daughter if she wanted to go to the fair...she had already been with her father the week before, so she knew exactly what the 'fair' meant. For three hours she asked me, "Find horses mommy? Bridget find horses?"

It wasn't even the junk food she cared about, just the petting zoo and looking for horses.

We started at the petting zoo. While I know these animals wouldn't be here if they were biters...I had this bizarre fear of a goat eating my daughter's finger with the carrot chips we bought. She giggled and fed $2 worth of carrot chips to the goats. She survived with all ten fingers in tact!

After getting our fill of arepas, BBQ chicken, cookies and freshly squeezed lemonade, we decided to walk around with a friend. Since my daughter is only 2.5 years, I wouldn't have thought to walk around the entire fair...but with my mom and another single mom in tow, it seemed like a fun idea.

Despite our inability to go on any rides, we didn't get off cheaply. After circling the fairway and getting lured in by the carnies, we walked away with a pink cowboy hat, a stuffed unicorn and a giant blow-up princess hammer (and a stomach ache from the funnel cake).

The fair can be a hard on a single parent's budget. I'm not sure exactly how much we spent... but it was all worth it to see my princess jumping around and laughing all night!

Happy Parenting!

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