Unforgettable Moments from MY Single Parent Life 2008

I started the year planning to post 10 days of things I am thankful for. As you know, single parent life can be unpredictable...and life got in the way.

I am grateful for the busy schedule that means that I am still working!

Ok, here are the moments that my daughter that took my breath away.

1) I am fortunate to be able to work from home. As my daughter has gotten older... she wants more of my time. So, the first moment to take my breath away is when she pulls me (literally) away from the computer. It is one of those reality checks that brings you back into the present and reminds you what is important in life.

2) One day we were coming home from pre-school. It was about 6pm and there was a full moon in the sky. From the back seat of the car I heard "Ohhh...Bridgie catch moon!" Can you remember believing that you could do anything?

3) Right Back! Bridget has had moments of interest in potty training...sometimes she cares...sometimes no. The funny part is when she wags her finger right in your face and very matter of factly states, Right Back!

4) As my daughter learned to speak, some of the words blended together to create much funnier versions. The first and probably best contraction was fun school. After picking her up from pre-school I asked Bridget did you have fun at school... to which she replied "F*ck You." It took me a little while to recover...Once I figured out that she really meant fun school, I couldn't stop laughing.

5) About six months later, fun school actually sounded like fun school. Then someone asked her about me...Bridgie's Mom turned into B*tchy Mom. The guys at the office haven't let that one go yet!

6) Please and Thank You! I'm not really sure how I did this, but I'm going to brag anyway. My 2 year old says please and thank you! I even got a note home from school about how she says please and thank you without being asked too.

7) She calls my tattoo "Mommy's sticker." And, if you are really lucky... she will pull my shirt down and show you.

8) When you say goodbye to her, she says "K...Later." In December, we rode a float with her pre-school. Instead of saying Merry Christmas, she waved to the crowd and said "Ba-bye...Later."

9) She asks me to "Hold hands pleeez" while we are in the car. It is really sweet and all, but remember that a car seat is in the back seat... After about 15 minutes, my arm goes numb :)

10) She figured out how to count on her hand (1..2..3..4..5) and she asks me to "Count Bridgie!"

11) I had to mix it up a little bit with the counting... so I added 5 kisses. 1 on the nose, 2 on the left cheeck, 3 on the right cheek, 4 on the forehead and 5 on the chin. She thought that was the funniest thing ever...After a couple of days, I asked her if mom could have 5 kisses and she counted them out!

Happy Parenting!

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