Single Parent Holiday Success!

How did your single parent holiday turn out?

Mine totally rocked! Despite a family crisis, a cold, and having to share the holiday with my ex-husband...I had a great day.

My daughter came home at 9am. I met her outside of the door and escorted her in to see Santa's presents. She still didn't quite get "it" but was happy to play with her new toys.

She got a new art easel, toy phone, butterfly barbie and a carousel horse that plays Brahms Lullaby. Her favorite gift was the carousel...Unfortunately, Santa did not leave super glue in my stocking. She was carrying it around and ...

Ooops! Sorry! Broke it!

Ooops! Sorry! Broke it!

Ooops! Sorry! Broke it!

I don't care about the toy, but it was soooo sad to hear the disappointment in her voice! The great thing about being 2, is that she was easily re-directed to her new toy phone. Now, I get to try to be an elf and glue the pieces back together.

My dad made a late visit on his way home from the hospital. It stinks that he had a minor hear attack... but it was cool that he got to come home on Christmas day.

As we got the news that my dad would be checking out of the hospital this morning, my mom reminded me how I disrupted Christmas for the family one year... I'm a Christmas Eve baby and she brought me home on Christmas Day.

After my 'family' time, my family parted ways. Dad went home to sleep. Mom went to a friend's house. And I went to my friend's house.

It hit my mom, that we wouldn't be spending the whole day together and she got a little disappointed...She said that it was Christmas and it felt weird not to spend the day with family.

We did see each other. Don't get me wrong, Christmas is about family... but this year the definition of 'family' changed. So, I thought it was time for some new traditions on my first single parent holiday.

I also thought it was interesting that my parents were planning to spend Christmas with me together...Interesting, because they are divorced. They have been divorced for 17 or 18 years. They aren't friends but they are friendly... so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Happy Parenting and Happy New Year!

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