My first Christmas - A single parent holiday season

I am approaching my first single parent holiday season. As much as I want to make this the perfect Christmas, I had my first lesson in holiday patience this past weekend.

This Christmas will have a few firsts for me... I'm single for the first time in 7 years and my daughter is finally old enough to get excited about something. It isn't that she really understands Christmas but the lights, the presents and the bells are new and exciting to her.

So, the Christmas 'events' started coming up. Last Saturday was SnowFest, a huge event in Collier County. They make 70 tons of snow for Florida kids to play in. The event is complete with pony rides, Christmas crafts, fair food and of course Santa Claus.

The event is so large, they had to have off-site parking with school buses whisking families back and forth. If only it was actually 'whisking' all the people in line. For the first 20 minutes or so, I was happy and patient... if a little nervous about a line that wrapped about 50 yards. I finally saw the half-way point but realized that there were 3 lines... and the buses were favoring the first line!

Another 20 minutes had gone by. The family behind me was getting agitated and started bickering. My daughter was getting clingy - as it was creeping up to lunch and nap times. Then about eight people joined their friends - cutting in front of us.

I would love to say that I kept my cool - but it was 11:45am, the sun was beating down on us and another bus had just passed our line up. I was about to boil.

I really wanted to take my daughter to share in the wonder...alright, at 2 years old, it was mostly for me!

Looking down at my porcelain skinned daughter that was already turning red, I new it was a bust. We were at least two more buses away - IF they stopped at our line! By the time we actually got to SnowFest, my daughter would have been grumpy and my frayed nerves would have been completely unraveled...Not the most festive single parent holiday!

For my daughter's sake, I decided it was time to go. It was disappointing, but we ended up walking around the mall for a few minutes and having more fun in the air conditioning.

SnowFest didn't work out...but the holidays aren't about one perfect event right? Too much pressure for the "perfect" single parent holiday usually leaves you disappointed...

Ok, lesson learned...

But on Tuesday, we are signed up for a Christmas parade. She is going to ride her pre-school's float and I'll walk beside it. It will be PERFECT!!! ;)

Happy Parenting & Happy Holidays!

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