Single Mom Book Review - Divorce Book for Parents

My girlfriend is a great resource for books... She found "Divorce Book for Parents" in her stash and suggested I read it.

I'm happy to say that through luck or friendly guidance, I am already doing most of what the book recommends.

Divorce Book for Parents is a little dated - but the advice is sound. Vicki Lansky's approach is to help you understand how your actions can make the divorce process as easy as possible on your kids. Emphasis on the easy "AS POSSIBLE" because divorce is hard on everyone.

On page 2 - Lansky says "Divorces don't wreck children's lives, people do." Ultimately, as the adult, you are accountable for your actions. There is a time for grieving...several times for grieving...but in the end, you have a choice to be a positive parent and a positive role model.

The book is laid out in easy to reach chunks. You can find the sections that are most relevant to you, when you need it, without reading front to back.

Advice starts before the separation - coaching you in making the right decision and the best ways to break it to your kids. Lansky takes you step-by-step through different milestones and transitional periods.

If you are contemplating divorce or in the early stages of coping with a divorce, this would be a very useful book for you.

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