A 50-50 parenting plan may not be in the child's best interest

In October 2008, Florida courts switched to a 50-50 parenting plan style. They have essentially done away with words like custody and visitation in hopes that it will make parents work together towards the child's best interest.

In an ideal situation, the parents are more concerned with the child's well being. And they will work together towards common ground - without the court's mandate of a 50-50 parenting plan.

In reality, divorce is an emotional battle ground. Often times the fight over custody is more about what someone is entitled to - NOT what is in the child's best interest.

Changing the verbiage from visitation to parenting time won't eliminate the fight. It only gives the 'jerk' of the relationship more power to wield.

I have seen cases where a mother was just as unfit as a parent. So, please don't assume that I am father bashing. The 'jerk' is the parent that is manipulating the parenting plan for their personal gain - not for the child's best interest.

When a mediator comes right out and says that "...this is just a powerplay..." about the other parent during negotiations, common sense should prevail. The other parent [male or female] ends up losing respect points, but that still doesn't help with a parenting plan that works for the child.

So, what do you do when you have to share joint custody with a jerk?

Sometimes you have to choose your battles...and rest on the moral victory...I guess.

It doesn't hurt any less.

Good luck!

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