5 Tips to Keep This Summer Fun

Keeping your children entertained is one of the best part of any parent's day. For single parents it is twice as challenging. If you are coordinating play dates this summer or planning BBQ's and get-togethers, here are a few tips on how to make them successful and memorable for your kids.

Date and Time
Pick a date / time that is generally best for everyone and realize that not everyone will be able to make it... they can do the next one. Remember that you cannot please everybody. Not all schedules will be synchronized, so pick the date and time that is convenient for the majority.

Kids generally love to eat. Have a variety of food options to accommodate those with restricted diets. Make the menu known on the invitation so that guests can make arrangements beforehand. Food labels are great and will ensure that no allergy attacks occur.

Emergency Bag
Bring an extra bag for those who forgot something... sunblock... wet wipes... bottled water... You don’t want to double up on everything, but anticipate something that could make life easier. Your guests will appreciate your preparedness.

Keep track of head count so you know how many to expect. It costs more to feed 15 people than 5, so it pays to stay organized. EventBrite offers a free way to keep your friends and family organized so that you can get to the most important step...

Have fun yourself. It's your party. Fun is required!